Reflecting on 2019 and the revelations I have been given about myself, my bloodline and the things that plague my family, while also being able to see beyond the behaviors of others and to identify the driving force behind them, which has helped to see people through Gods eyes rather than my own. Preconceived notions and biased opinions can be tainted through our own personal lens should we not allow the Holy Spirit to operate within us. By partnering with the Holy Spirit, I was cautious not to overstep into territories He did not lead me into. This also gave me a panoramic view what God has and is calling me into and why the enemy of my soul has been fighting me so hard throughout 2019. 

If I had to put words to the process of 2019, I would have to say it was a year of learning, revelations and lots of discipline. Even though I fell short in certain areas, the Lord still honored my efforts while also providing corrections and guidance in the areas of lack.  So, what will 2020 bring? For me there is only one word that comes to mind. Growth. This does not mean I will stop learning, identifying or practicing self and spiritual discipline however the Lord is telling me it is time to use the tools to grow. I can see now that this will come in the form of challenges that will stretch me and test my faith. 

To be honest, I have mixed feeling about what must happen next. I am not looking forward to this in the least bit. It means things will be a little tougher, I will have to committed to the process, more disciplined, intentional. I dislike being out of my comfort zone. I like to think I am in control, knowing very well I am not. However, I am excited to get to the other side of this. Knowing in my heart of hearts that I must trust the One who holds the universe in the palm of His hand is the same one who is holding onto me, even when I feel like I am falling apart. So, if I must go into a season of being stretched and tested, I am not going into it alone. I must continue to remind myself if God is for us, who can stand against us (Romans 8:31), in the natural and the supernatural.

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