Greatest Love

This morning I had woke up to pray as usual. 0330 sometimes earlier, depends on the nudging. I slowly drifted off to sleep as I was praying and slipped into a dream. I was away on what seemed like a vacation. As I was touring the area one moment, the next everything had turned into a disaster. There were hurt people everywhere, bleeding and crying out for help. Just complete chaos. As I finally gathered myself, I realized I was hurt as well. Somewhere along the line I had fallen and hurt myself. I had two huge pieces of glass sticking out of my left knee. There was no way I could pull the glass out and not bleed out. I knew that there were other people with more severe injuries than mine that needed medical attention. However, I didn’t have the capacity to help anyone either. That is when a strange man walked up to me. I can tell he had sustained some injuries. But nothing that would keep him down. He was trying to help me, but I was afraid because I didn’t know him, and I couldn’t understand what he was saying. It was clear we did not speak the same language. I kept shewing him away and he kept following me. Every turn and every stop. Maintaining a distance but still close enough to aid me if need be.

 I grew more agitated and fearful because I just wanted to be left alone. I found a bathroom to lock myself in. It was the men’s bathroom, but I didn’t care. I locked the door and checked to see if I was alone. I was. I sat on the floor in pain, worried and crying for what seemed like forever with my back against the door. I turned around to check if I could see out the door somehow, to see if the man had left. The whole time I was in there no one attempted to get in. The door had a thick plexiglass shade protector over it. As I got up close, it read “lift here to peer out”. So, I lifted the glass and as I did, I seen the same man just waiting there with such a sadness yet concern in his eyes. He then held up a vial of blood he had taken to give to me. I begin to wonder how he would even know if our blood types were compatible. Then I begin to wonder where and how was he even capable of extracting blood from himself. Without thinking I unlocked the door and ran out to him to check him over and he appeared fine. He just kept holding up the vial of blood.

We began to walk around, I couldn’t really form coherent thoughts because I was worried about this strange man, my knee and the never-ending tragic sight before us. After some time, I noticed he was beginning to weaken. His walk got slower and he started to stumble. I looked him over and found blood coming from somewhere behind him. At this point, I had no time to pin point where exactly, I still had his vial he gave to me and I couldn’t let this man die because he thought he could save me. He needed his blood more than I did. As he’s getting weaker, I’m becoming more frantic. I begin to ask him why he would do something so stupid for someone he barely even knew. Again, knowing he could not understand one word I was saying. But his face never changed. He remained resolved in his choice. He fell to the ground and I began to cry. This could not be happening. Over a stupid knee!

In the natural I was trying to force myself to wake up from this dream. I knew how it would end and didn’t want any part of it. I felt myself shifting to wake up and that’s when in the dream, the stranger pulled me close and said in clear English “tell my family I love them” and then I woke up. Crying uncontrollably. That is when I realized that this dream was not some random dream, which most of my dreams are not. But a message.

A message about God and His relentless love for us. I don’t have the time to go over every symbolism of this dream. What I do know is that whatever you are holding on to, whatever it is that you are permitting in your life to stop you from helping others, whatever hurts you are harboring from your childhood into and from today it is time to let it go. Christ paid for it all. He paid for you to be free, to be loved, to love, so serve others, to live in victory. He PAID FOR IT ALL. He did it without hesitation. You can claim to not believe in Him, you can claim not to know Him. You can even go as far as to call Him a stranger. That does not stop Him from loving you relentlessly.

I pray that this helps someone. Just know I am praying for you. For God to show me His heart so intensely warrants more than just my prayers but my LIFE. I am not ashamed of the Gospel!

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