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The other night I was awaken from my sleep which at first appeared to be for no reason. As I was laying in bed I was a touch annoyed that I was forfeiting a good nights rest for no reason. Then I begin to hear a mighty wind outside of my window. I then remembered a word that Johnathan Stidham had given during a web cast about “The Year of the Wind”[1]. I enjoy listening to other people experiences and how God is moving in their lives. I am careful to guard my eye and ear gates, as we all should be. Some things tend grab my attention. However, I try to stay open to receive revelation from the Holy Spirit so that I am not aimlessly applying things to my life that do not belong.

Once I was reminded of this, I begin to feel the presence of the Lord. The only option from there was to seek the Lord in worship, to open myself up to hearing from Him. I didn’t take long for the Holy Spirit to reply with a vision. He gave me a vision of sinkholes. Look you all, there were some classes in school I paid no mind to and natural science and occurrences was one of them! Like most of my conversations with the Lord I was like “Lord, sink holes? Really?” And He begin to explain to me sink holes in the lives of His people. Just as He had given me the vision of the house which was shrouded in light (see previous post).

He begin to explain areas that the Holy Spirit is trying to work out in the lives of His people. Permitting “sinkholes” to take place so that His people can choose to fill those holes with His presence. Well if you’re anything like me and need a better understanding on what is being revealed, you do some research. I found two things, first I looked up sink holes and there causes. There are three types of sinkholes. Solution sinkholes, cover collapse sinkholes and cover subsidence sinkholes.[2]

Solution sinkholes “commonly seen in areas that have a very thin cover of soil on the surface.”[3] In a spiritual sense, a life where one has a superficial relationship with God (Isaiah 29:13).

Cover Collapse sinkhole “when the bedrock is covered by a deep layer of soil and earth.”[4] A life that has deep rooted issues such as sin, past hurts, unhealthy relationships, etc. that has not been addressed so that the Lord may begin a healing within. If these issues are left “ignored” that is when we begin to see unsteady behaviors such as psychotic breaks, depression and the like.

Cover Subsidence Sinkhole “a hole formed over a period of time. The bedrock is covered by soil and materials which are not well knitted together.”[5] Healing process that had been started but was cut off to soon which did not permit for a total restoration of the spirit. Smiling on the outside but still hurting on the inside.

At this point I am like wow Lord, this is a lot and kind of heavy. Sinkholes? Really? But then I was reminded of Ecclesiastes 1:9. The part where it states “And there is nothing new under the sun.” From there, I was thinking that maybe I can find someone else who may have had a similar revelation and I came across an article by Donald Whitney entitled Spiritual Disciplines and the Sinkhole Syndrome![6]

Don’t get me wrong I trust the impressions that God places on my heart. However, at times it’s nice to know someone has experienced the same thing. Confirmation y’all!

Now someone may be reading this and thinking “well of course, she made this whole thing up”. My answer to that is pray about it. Remember, there is nothing new under the sun. Of course this thought did not originate with me, just like it may not have originated with Mr. Donald Whitney. Ultimately it originated with the Holy Spirit. Sometimes God brings things back around so that we may be reminded to repent, cast our cares on Him and to be on guard.

At the end of the day it is clear that we need to be mindful of the foundation in which we build our faith on and who we are rooted in. Rest assure that God is looking to do a mighty work in His people. The questions is, will you let Him?

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