Set Your Mind

I had been going back and forth for some time to sew into a ministry which in turn would feed my spirit and help build me up. It wasn’t until recently that I had set my mind and decided to give it a go. As I was navigating around the online portion of it, I noticed a lot of things that were “red flags” so to speak. Things began to come into my mind such as “if this was legit then there would be a bigger following” or “where is the interaction among the various groups?”

Instead of rebuking the thoughts, I just pushed the thoughts to the side. Later on, I begin to think about what the next blog should be and how I may permit the Lord to use me instead of trying to make it happen on my own. Well guess what happened? My mind started going back to “well, no one is going to read it anyways” and “who do you think you are? You’re just another wannabe who feels like you have something to say”. It wasn’t until then that I realized that whatever this season is going to bring, the enemy is not happy about it. Not one bit.  Otherwise he would not be working this hard to thwart my efforts, no matter how small they are starting off.

Once again I have set my mind, on Christ, and decided that it doesn’t matter what the following looked like in the particular ministry that I have decided to sew into. I am going to move forward while the Lord has provided such a resource so that I may utilize the material and grow my faith in Christ. It doesn’t matter how many people read my blogs. If one person or many people become blessed by it because of my obedience to the Lord, then that’s enough for me.

 I have a God given passion in seeing Gods children free, delivered and walking in the power and authority that Jesus Christ has given to us all (Luke 10:19).  It’s time to cast down excuses. If you have made up your mind about something and it aligns with the Word and will of God, stick with it. There has been decrees spoken over the year 2019 and we have only just begun the New Year. I have listened to quite a few. They are all amazing words. However, the word for me personally either for these next few months or this entire year is “war”. I am adamant about reclaiming the power and authority that my Father has given me. I am claiming it over my friends, family, finances, community, work place and above all else my spiritual well being. No more half stepping.

So while it is okay to go to other sources and receive a word, make sure when you are spending time with the Lord you permit Him to truly speak to you on what it is He wants to work on in you, out of you and over your life in this season. Let Him be your source. Don’t hesitate to ask Him questions. He is not afraid or surprised by what’s on your heart. Your answer may not come right away. However, make sure to get into a position that you are readily available to receive His answer for when it arrives. I not only pray for an awakening (growth) in your spirit (2 Peter 3:18; Hebrews 6:1) but I also pray for the peace that He has promised us in John 15:27 that surpasses human comprehension (Phil 4:7).

Be Blessed!   

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