Our Fortress

I was spending time with the Lord and He gave me a vision. Prior to this I was trying to understand why we, as children of the Most High, tend to have areas in our lives that we just can’t seem to shake or any others words bring into order. In other words, having areas in our lives that we have yet to permit the Lord to have His wayand clean it up.

He gave me the vision of my house and He showed me a brilliant light that was emanating off of the house. Particularly in the areas where I tend to spend my time in worship and in prayer. As I was looking I can see shadows that were surrounding the house. I understood that they were watching and waiting to gain access.

While I was praising and praying in one area of the house other parts of the house became dim and ultimately vulnerable. The Lord begin to deal with me in showing me that He cannot have partial Lordship over my life but that I have to invite Him in to be Lord over all areas of my life. Being me, which I have a tendency of making things just a tad complicated, stated “I’m not following, Lord”. So we then went back to the house. Using the well-lit and secured areas verses the dim and vulnerable areas He explained that although there areas in my life that are going well which gives me reason to praise and worship Him I cannot ignore the areas where things are not going my way and vice versa.

What does this look like? Well, it is like when things are off balance.  Like using all of our time and energy focusing on one area and ignoring other areas. Which can throw us off our game. The thing to note about that is the problem lies in trying to do it all in our own strength.

The Lord is to be praised and worshipped at all times (1Chronicles 16:23; Psalms 34:1). Just as we are to pray without ceasing and give thanks in all things (1 Thessalonians 5:17). Not just when things are going good or when all hell is breaking loose and we cannot tell up from down. But at all times, in all areas of our lives. In doing so, we are gaining access to our source of strength and power (Psalms 28:7). He becomes our shield (the light emanating off of the house).

Needless to say, I for one definitely have to work on this. I am waiting for the Lord to tell me it is time to deal with other areas where I have issues that I have been avoiding. Intentionally and unintentionally. I have set my mind to be ready when the Lord gives me a word. Claiming anything other than that ultimately puts me in a place that suggests that I do not trust Him. And that my dear friends in not an option.

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