What Happened to the Church?

Originally posted on Blogger 6 January 2019 @https://reachingbeyondtheveil.blogspot.com

Today while getting ready for church this is what I received from the Lord.

 “Stop doing things that I have not ask you to do. Stop doing more than what I have ask you to do. I am raising up a church where people are free to come to me, worship me without distraction, distraction of words, and distraction of a show. I may have given my people a word but have I given them the time? My people are not listening to my prompting. Every word I give is not always for the now. I may have given my people a song to sing or a performance but they are losing site on who they are singing and performing for. Look to me my children, look to me.

Then later while I was attending a church that was not my home church, and no I am not saying one is better than the other, this was on my heart.

“There is a difference between man speaking and man permitting the Holy Spirit to speak. My spirit is grieved, the church is dead”

Since returning home from the church service I cannot shake this feeling of disappointment. It is not that I was going to church to be wowed but going to love on Christ and to be loved by Him. The whole thing just felt rehearsed, non-genuine, rushed and void. As I am thinking things over and typing this I just want to cry. The world is a dark place. People are in need, they are looking for things to make them feel human and whole. The church is suppose to be that for them. A place where they can come as they are, be accepted and engulfed in the pure love of Christ. Instead we have these churches growing at a fast rate but the Spirit of the Lord is no where to be found. Or you have these churches that puts the Spirit on a time limit. I do not know which is worse. I do not have time to play games when it comes to my walk with Christ. I need for the Spirit to lead me on a daily basis. If I cannot go to the church and join in on corporate worship and truly find the Spirit there then I must ask myself…what happened to the church?

2 thoughts on “What Happened to the Church?

  1. I truly agree that too often we find that churches are scripted…programs are printed outlining to the minute how and when the Spirit of the Lord will manifest and move…Im realizing on a personal journey that a daily feeding of my soul through prayer and studying is an absolute. For our hearts and minds to have life we need that living water daily from God’s word. Keeping His statues laws and commandments is how I believe God’s people ” the church” will start living again. It is important to spend time with the Lord beyond Sunday. I was that person who went to church on Sundays and did whatever the rest of the week. My lack of knowledge and not keeping His commandments had me dead inside and literally going through the motions. So just imagine 100 other people like that in a church…that’s a dead church you speak about.
    Hosea 4:6
    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.


    1. Amen Ms. Dia! I have a similar story in my walk with Christ. Sometime the enemy tries to get me to waste my time thinking about the time I’ve wasted prior to having that very same revelation. My daily walk with Christ has become my number one priority. We cannot initiate change in our environment if we do not commit to change within our spirit. None of it can happen if Christ is not in it.


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